Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well, we've decided we've been away from our blog too long....and boy, things sure have changed since that last post.
I'm 2 now ---- so, I'm pretty much ready to move out on my own, but I know Mommy & Daddy would miss me too much, so I think I'm going to stay a little while longer.
I'm keeping myself busy this summer...I've had a blast going to festivals, the lake, the ocean and playdates! I promise I'll try to update my blog more often this time!
I'm talking a lot favorite words & phrases are: "Okay", "I got this", "Mama, what's this?" "Tea Party", "I do it myself." And, I LOVE to favorite song is "Twinkle, Twinkle little Star."

Friday, May 8, 2009

Life Has Been CRAZY.....

Sorry for not posting as often as I should be...but Mommy & I have been super busy. I'm crawling now and I'm into's really fun. I can chase the doggies and follow Mommy into the bathroom. It won't be long before I'm walking!

FUN at Mickey D's....

On our way home from Washington, DC, we stopped at a McDonald's....and it was so much fun because it had a play area. Mommy let me crawl around and play --- and I even made a friend! His name was Nicholas and he was 2 1/2 years old, he kept trying to show me how to crawl up the play tunnels! I couldn't do it, but I had so much fun watching him!

My Uncle Jake...The Diplomat...

So, in April my G-Mama, Mommy & me went to Washington, DC to watch my Uncle Jake get sworn into the Foreign Service. He'll be going to Juarez, Mexico in December. I've switched all my toys over to Spanish so that I can talk to other kids when I go to visit him. I am so proud of him! Here's a picture of us right after the ceremony!

Playing with my friends....

So, I've been keeping super busy here in Fort Wayne playing with my best friends Liam, Carson & Sara! They are so much fun and they have so many cool toys. I can't believe we've been friends for over 6 months! I'm loving life!

My first visit to Arizona....

So, in March I went to Arizona with my Mommy & Daddy ---- we had such a good time! And, I got to meet alot of my cousins & see my Great Uncles & Aunt! I even went with my Cousin Kathy to see Jessica Simpson! I must say, it was a whirlwind vacation. I had a great time and I think I did pretty well on the fact, Daddy said I was better on the plane than Mommy. She kept freaking out about everything...luckily she had to worry about me, so it kept her busy. I can't wait to go out and visit again!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy 8 Months to Me!

Well, the countdown has begun...only 4 more months until my big birthday! Mommy can't believe I'm already 8 months old! I'm getting stronger & a little braver. I'm starting to stand on my own and my Mommy is helping me walk! Watch out world...pretty soon I'm going to run my own marathon!